Bodybuilding Season #1 Spring 2014

In 2014, I had been lifting, training and eating hard for a solid 2 years and was ready to challenge myself on a whole other level. I signed up for my first bodybuilding shows. I coached myself, lost 28 pounds in 14 weeks and reduced my bodyfat from 11% to 3.7% weighing in at 160lbs. Come my first show in Syracuse, NY, The 2014 Liberty State Natural, I had no clue what I was doing. Seriously, I remember being backstage, doing some band curls and push ups waiting to put my dream tan on. I was standing there with my dad would looked like a dear in the headlights looking at all of the bronzed skin & readying competitors. It was just a few minutes after I told my dad that we can wait a little longer to put the dream tan all over my body that the promotor of the show announced my class was going out in 15 minutes. We quickly rushed to get the dream tan on and I went out for prejudging and had a blast taking 3rd place! The next weekend in Rochester, I had a little fan crowd, 100% more experience than the last show and was ready to flex hard and eat hard that night. I placed 1st place in my novice class and 1st place in the open lightweight class, which was incredible! I just missed the overall to the heavyweight at the show.

Powerlifting Season #1 Fall 2014

After bodybuilding, I rebounded pretty well and focused soley on strength. I had a good squat and a good bench but my deadlift was severly lacking. I had only deadlifted less than 10 times before I prepped for bodybuilding where I didn't deadlift much at all. Even though I had to cut 5-8lbs to make the 165lb weight class, I definitely liked the prep leading into a powerlifting meet. It was all about the lifts. At the NYS RPS Championships, I squatted 420lbs (10lb PR), benched 295, and deadlifted 455 conventional (25lb PR). I took 1st place in the 165 amateur weight class with an 1170lb total.

Bodybuilding Season #2 Spring 2016

Having taking a decent amount of time off from the stage, I was looking forward to step back on. Again with no coach, in 24 weeks I lost 32lbs and reduced my body fat from 12% to 4.1% weighing in at my last show at 153.5lbs and an all time low since at last 2011. This prep was tough because I was working more than ever at the time and really pushing myself in several areas of my life. Not to mention being sick for 3 weeks before my first show and finding out I had pneumonia 2 days before the show. But honestly, those are just excuses because out of 3 shows in 4 weeks and 3 tough battles for the 1st place open class, I fell short at each show. It's okay though because it's always a learning experience and the two guys who beat me ended up winning their pro cards, so I was right there. Although I will take another couple years off from the bodybuilding stage, just know that I will be back to become a natural professional bodybuilder.

Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Accolades

- 3rd Place Debut 2014 OCB Liberty State Natural

- 1st Place Novice Lightweight 2014 NMA Natural Northeast 

- 1st Place Open Lightweight 2014 NMA Natural Northeast

- 1st Place 165lbs 2014 RPS Powerlifting Championships

- 2nd Place Open Lightweight 2016 NGA Natural Northeast

- 2nd Place Open Lightweight 2016 WNBF NYS Supernatural

- 1st Place Novice Men's Physique 2016 WNBF NYS Supernatural

- 2nd Place Open Lightweight 2016 WNBF Natural USA

- 1st Place Juniors 2016 WNBF Natural USA

What's Next?

Right now, I am focusing largely on enjoying my training and life. Competing puts a certain toll on you from having to sacrifice so much throughout prep. So now, I am enjoying myself and targeting strength as my main goal. I've recently picked up an Rouge Fitness Ohio Deadlift Bar, that I have been yanking on every few days. After 12+ weeks of deadlifting that bar, I look forward to getting as strong of a deadlift as possbile! So the next competition is looking like a probably powerlifting meet in Spring 2017, stay tuned!