Nutrition 101

Lets Talk Nutrition!

My Approach

Nutrition is so very important to reaching your fitness goals. But why does it have to be so damn hard! It doesn't have to be THAT hard and my goal with aiding in nutrition is to help you fit nutrition into your everyday life a little bit easier.

Have A Plan

Having a plan, is probably the single most effective factor when it comes to nailing your nutrition. Set yourself up for success by know the day before, everyday, what you're going to eat, when you're going to eat it. Know that your have the food ready and cooked if needed! There is no one plan that works for everyone but a plan will work for everyone!

6-7 Small Meals or 3-4 Bigger Meals?

Better question: Apples or Oranges? If you know you're consuming as close to the right amount of calories and macronutrients each day, then whether you're eating more smaller meals or fewer bigger meals is a very small factor. Don't worry about which one. Do what works for you and do it consistently!

Ex. 2000 Calories Day

6AM Breakfast: 400 Calories

9AM Mid Meal 1: 150 Calories

12PM Lunch: 350 Calories

2PM Mid Meal 2: 250 Calories

6PM Dinner: 700 Calories

8PM Late Night Snack: 150 Calories

How to simplify that to bigger and fewer meals? Take away the Mid Meals and add the food/calories to the main meals.

5 Simple Nutrition Tips You Need To Read!


Only drink water or zero calorie beverages (I'd limit to 1 per day).

2. Replace snacks with fruits and veggies.

Ex. berries with cottage cheese or carrots with hummus.

3. If you eat out, make a SMART decision!

Ex. order a salad with a protein source with LIGHT dressing. (Beware of restauraunt dressings. If you get a regular ceasar salad from Applebees, its the highest calorie item on the menu *1,200+cals*)

4. If it came from the planet earth or lives on the planet earth, than it is a better choice than something that was made BY US ON planet earth.

This is that GOOD fuel we want. Ex. meat, fish, veggies, fruits, potatoes, etc.

5. Food is fuel!! Choose good fuel!

The Day After Tomorrow (movie) example: (trapped in a NYC Library during a catastrophic snowstorm)

If we have to keep a fire going all day to survive, we, without thought are going to put wood on it. Because wood fuels fire. We can put a lot of wood on every 5 hours, 3 times, and the fire will burn warm all day. We can also put a smaller amount of wood on ever 2-3 hours, 6 times, and the first will still burn warm all day. Either way, when we collect wood we skip the wood that is soaking wet because it's just poor quality. It will burn, but not nearly as warm. We always grab the dryest and best wood to fuel out fire.

Our bodies are like the fire. We need fuel, good fuel (the best fuel!) constantly throughout our day and our fuel is food! We need to make the right choices of which food/fuel to take in and in the optimal amount/poriton so our bodies can run as efficiently as possible.

Learn More On The Liquori Fit App

In the Nutrition 101 page on The Liquori Fit App you'll find sample meal plans for men and women as well as meal ideas for breakfast, lunch/dinner, shakes and healthy snacks. You'll also be able to read more into the specifics of each level of The Liquori Fit Pyramid of Nutritional Priorities and plenty of other great info. Knowledge is power, go get some and stay educated!

The Pyramid Of Nutrition Priorities


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