Success Stories

Client Testimonials, Transformations and Success Stories


"When I started this journey I was a little scared to work out at Affronti Fitness as I am very out of shape and my physical ability to exercise was very limited.  I struggled with simple everyday tasks, especially going up and down stairs in my home.  I could not be happier with the progress that I have made with Matt these past few weeks. I learned that the weight loss should not be my most important goal here.   When I get my mind, body and soul in sync, the weight loss will follow.   The increase in my strength, balance, endurance and mindset is unbelievable.  These changes have improved my quality of life immensely. He constantly motivates me in nutrition, fitness and mindset.  He is an amazing trainer and vital part of my progress."


"My transformation from couch potato to tri-athlete has been amazing. During my couch potato days I was not able to maintain an easy jogging pace, without fatigue. I had little to no endurance when I did any type of vigorous exercise. Since December of last year, my endurance and ability to quickly recover from exercise has been amazing. I just completed the Pittsford Triathlon which consists of swimming laps in a pool, then doing a 15 miles bike ride up and down hills and finishing with a 5k race. I am now training for 4 mile races and the training I received has made this all possible. I receive compliments on the way I look and on my renewed energy. I usually go into a workout with Matt feeling fatigued, physically and mentally. After finishing our workout, I am energized and motivated... ready to take on the world." 



"Working with Matt over the past year has been an absolute life-changing experience. After initially talking to Matt about my goals, I quickly learned that my nutrition was nowhere where it needed to be for me to become successful. We came up with a specific plan, and the biggest thing I learned along the way was discipline. He reinforced the success I had and worked with me to change things up when there was a setback. His support has had the greatest impact on me because even when I doubted myself, he believed I could do anything I set my mind to. Matt is all about consistent and constant improvement, starting with small changes that eventually make the biggest impact. I fed off his attitude and it’s a lifestyle I’ve adopted myself. Whatever your goal may be, as long as you dedicate yourself 100% to the process, you will become successful and learn things about yourself that go way beyond fitness.”




"I was very skeptical when looking for a coach as I have not had the best prior experience. Matt has been a great source of knowledge and encouragement through my prep so far. This experience has really changed mind about health and fitness coaching. I have referred, and will continue to refer people to Liquori fit!"


"One on one sessions with Matt has helped me to become the lifter I am today. With his immense knowledge of training I learned so much more than I thought I could from him. On top of how to train properly for my goals, he taught me how to maintain consistency with my training, nutrition and living the healthy lifestyle. The sessions I have with Matt are the best workouts I get, and I am just looking forward to our next session we have scheduled.”


“I signed up with Matt to reach some of my weight loss goals through his nutrition coaching. He was easy to work with and based my nutrition around foods I liked to eat, no crazy food. His meal plans were easy to follow and I had a variety to choose from daily, plus I felt full on them. I was also able to indulge in some of my favorite snacks while on his plan so I did not feel deprived. We worked together for almost 3 months. During that time he was easy to work with, will to change the meal plans based on my progress, answered emails in a timely manner and made me feel comfortable during the entire process. His concerns were always based on my needs and wants and he was always there to pick me up when I had a bad day of eating. I have lose 20 pounds with his help and motivational encouragement. I have higher self esteem and he has taught me to look at food as a fuel and not as a comfort. I am so happy that I signed up with Matt and took a chance, now I have completely changed the way I view food and exercise, for the better. Thanks for everything Matt!”