About Me

Matthew Liquori

Owner Of Liquori Fit

Head Personal Trainer & Coach

Certified Personal Trainer

Sports Nutrition Certified

Favorite Food: Big Ol Scrambed Eggs

Favorite Cheat Meal: Easy, PIZZA


Getting To Know Me Q & A


Q: Matt, what got you into fitness and becoming a personal trainer?

A: I got started by training myself. Out of high school I went from being an athlete in great shape to the heaviest I've ever been and in the worst shape of my life in just about two years. I needed to make a change and I did! Once I started to see results, I got addicted and dedicated myself to learning as much as possible about training and nutrition to improve myself. When I did, I also started helping family and friends get in better shape too. My passion for helping others became stronger and healthier versionsof themselves quickly grew from there!

Q: How do you motivate yourself, when it seems like you're just fresh out of motivation?

A: That's a good question, because even the enthusiastic trainers will lose all motivation at times. When I truly need motivation, I simply take a big step back and appreciate what I have. It can be as deep as appreciating that I was just born in America and not some 3rd world country or in a worse situation of some kind. Honestly, even someone who doesn't have the best health can appreciate that their health could be much worse off and that is what sparks the fire for me. I end up asking myself, how can you not take advantage of every second you're healthy enough to rigourously exercise and that you have the chance to improve yourself!

Q: Do you often get asked what the 'secret' to getting results and making progress is? What is your answer?

A: My answer is mixed here. First, there is no true secret. The secret is to work hard day in and day out, be consistent and make gradual progress towards bigger goals. I will share what MY secret is and the approach I take with myself and every client I work with. I found that by addressing and progressing  three factors, consistently and diligently, that anyone can attain personal fitness success! The three factors are training, nutrition and your mindset. Each one, is as important as another in pursuit of your personal fitness success. (Whatever you define personal fitness success to be!)

Q: When you started competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting, did you have a coach?

A: I can proudly say that I've never had a coach or a trainer! In 2014 when I first started competing, I just took what I was doing to another level. I asked myself and answered the question, how can I get as lean as possible, as low  bodyfat as possible while maintaining my muscle mass. I learned alot and worked harder than I ever had before going to school full time, with two part time jobs and prepping for my first bodybuilding show.