Online Training

Online Training

With The Liquori Fit App

The Liquori Fit App is my personal training app made just for you! It is a free download from the apple & andriod app stores and is loaded with workouts, nutrition tips and more! With the app you can training with me 1 on 1 by recieving your own personalized app homepage with a customized training program and meal plan. By being a client on the Liquori Fit App you get exclusive access to everything the app offers like the Exercise Library with over 100+ exercises with pictures, descriptions and more!

As of May 2017, Liquori Fit will be training out of Maximum Fitness! Maximum Fitness is located at 80 Rockwood Pl. Rochester, NY 14618. If you're interested in personal training sessions and/or online training please come in for a complimentary Personal Training Consultation. In your consultation, we will talk 1 on 1 going over what you want out of a personal trainer, where you're at right now, how you got there and where you want to be in the future. Then I will breakdown how we can get you there! Please take a look at my schedule and book a time convienient for you below.

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The Benefits of Online Training Sessions

  • On hand technique/form assessment and correction with every exercise, never perform an exercise wrong again!
  • The Setting - Affronti Fitness is a private facility, with no gym members or membership fees. Without the distractions of a normal fitness center, we stay focused on having the most effective training session, every session. Effective because we stay focused on results. But beyond that, the Affronti Fitness trainers make for a fun and comfortable atmosphere!
  • Regular Fitness Assessments to check your progress. This way we stay accountable for the goals we set and the plan we make to get there. By tracking, we are able know when we are not making progress so we can address the problem and get us back on track.
  • Motivation & Accountability - Knowing you’re seeing me each week will helps you stay accountable with getting to your workouts and doing your very best with nutrition outside of the gym. Then every time you leave a session you leave with more motivation, knowledge and a fresh perspective on your fitness and health.

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Check Out The App For Yourself!

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How To Get Started 

1. Choose Your Membership

Questions about which membership? Email:

2. Goto The Liquori Fit Store & Purchase Your Starting Fee

Right when you place your order, I get to work! In 2-3 days (or less) I'll have your homepage all set up and ready to go. From there, you'll be able to access your questionnaires right from your app homepage. Once I recieve your questionnaires, I'll take 5-7 days (or less) and have your programs all set up! Then you'll pay your first monthly fee, we get started & we don't look back!!

Download The Liquori Fit App.